Wealth Management Services

At Firma Financial Planning we pride ourselves on being independent financial advisors with a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. We do not have a product that we need to make you want. We get to go through the planning process of understanding you and your goals and identifying which tools in the financial tool box best serve your needs. And there are many tools in the financial tool box.

By and large as planners, we value liquidity, risk and cost efficiency. The vast majority of our clients work with us in an advisory capacity, utilizing our wealth management services. Here is what that relationship looks like. If a client opens an advisory account, they are giving us discretionary authority to make trades on there behalf. After we go through the financial planning process we determine an investment strategy. The client is giving us authority to make trades within that strategy. We do not generate commissions based on those trades. So you will never question if we are making those trades for your best interest or for ours. This is a fee only wrap account.

A fee only account is one where the management fee is stated as a small percentage of the assets we manage. Generally 1.25%-.5% depending on the amount of assets under management. We find this model to be most beneficial as it aligns both of our interests. We each want the account grow. You need to have confidence that we are working in your best interest and we do not feel that is best achieved in a commission based platform. We are partners in this endeavor. We are glad to discuss fee and the cost of a portfolio. Typically speaking our portfolios tend to be more cost efficient than other advisors. The reason for this is we are actively managing using low cost Exchange Traded Funds as opposed to buy and hold load funds or mutual funds. Which is typically what we see. 

We also want to further add to the value and offer group pricing. Since the fee rate is based on Assets Under Management, we will take all managed accounts into consideration when calculating the rate. Not just individual accounts. And we will take every account associated with your group. So lets say you enjoy our services, and your brother is in the market for a financial advisor. If he opens an account with our firm he can join your group. If his assets when calculated with yours moves you passed a break point, we will give you BOTH the lower annual rate.

If you have any questions about our wealth management services, strategy or philosophy please feel free to reach out via the contact page and we will respond promptly. If you are interested in meeting to begin developing your custom plan, we are here to help!

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