Professional Debt Consultants

professional debt consultants

There are many aspects to properly managing your money, some more complicated than others. Debt management is an important component to anyone’s financial plan. Simply put, there are two ways to manage debt: the right way and the wrong way. At Firma Financial Planning we strive to educate our clients with the best financial tools and advice available. If you are searching for debt consultants in Clinton Township MI, our qualified team is an excellent choice.

Don’t let burdensome debt limit your income stream and cause undue anxiety in your life. A debt consultant can show you techniques to decrease your interest payments, increase discretionary income and meet your financial goals.

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We know that the primary goal of financial planning is to make the best use of your money. Whether you are looking to buy a home, pay off student loans, fund a wedding or save for retirement, smart financial choices are the key to success. Our team of financial advisors and assistants offers the following services:

  • A free consultation
  • A high level of trust, integrity and respect
  • An asset map software program that provides a clear picture of a client’s assets
  • A fee-based model
  • Wealth management
  • Risk management
  • Estate, income, tax and retirement planning

When doing a search for a “debt consultant near me,” know that our firm is local, experienced and trustworthy. We use our expertise to strengthen your financial hand.

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We will work with you to meet your short-term and long-term goals. Our products are flexible enough to meet your needs at every stage of your life. Our plan is to meet with you on a regular basis to address your dynamic life situation. We can help with life insurance, long-term care planning, investment opportunities and more.

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