In a world of one-size-fits-all plans and product solutions, our goal is to bring you service that is unique and customized to you. We accomplish with our process to better understand you, your goals, and situation, which is focused around the relationship between us and our clients. Everyone gets on the same page and confidence is instilled through understanding.



The first step in the process is to get organized and we can help you do that. We understand how it happens: you moved from a couple of jobs and left your old 401k, you opened an IRA at the bank, you have a college account for the kids, cash comes in every month then goes out. It’s common. We need to view your unique situation from a bird’s eye view to help understand where we are starting. One tool we use is our Retirement Calculator. To complete our road map, we need to understand where we are starting. It may be tedious, but it is necessary.

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While every component of this process is vitally necessary, educating our client may prove to be the most beneficial. You are much more likely build toward success if you understand the different components that go into the plan. How much do I need to generate my desired income? How does the Time Value of Money effect my goals? Net Present Value? Alpha? Beta? Standard Deviation? What does it all mean?

These are the components we use to build your plan. We pride ourselves on our ability to breakdown these intricate financial concepts so they are easy to understand. We believe you must have confidence and understand your plan.



This is where the plan begins to take form. We develop and deliver recommendations and options for working towards your goals. Although this step is about what we can do to help bring the plan to fruition, it is not without you or your input. It is imperative that you are fully comfortable with the plan that gets put into motion. To accomplish that, you must be a part of the process to build it. This means understanding the recommendations, the pros and cons, aligning them with your tolerance for risk, etc. This is a team effort.

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This step is forever ongoing. Just because we built the plan here today does not mean this is what it will always be. After we arrive on a strategy that all parties are comfortable with, we put that strategy into motion. From there, we must constantly evaluate the plan as it pertains to your situation. This may be in the form of an annual in-person meeting, periodic phone calls, or emails. Executing the plan requires that we go through the process from the beginning to ensure we are on the right track and taking steps to be in front of any changes. The plan we create today is not static plan. It must maintain the ability grow, evolve, and change as you and your goals do.

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