Hourly Consulting

We understand that not everyone may be in the position to have us manage assets for them. Maybe you’re just getting started. Maybe you’ve been saving but your assets are locked up in a a 401k-type account. Should that preclude you from working with a professional to help you make financial decisions? At Firma Financial Planning, we don’t think so. Our goal is to help as many people as possible in any way that we can.

It is for that reason that offer a variety of different cost structures. One of them being hourly consulting. We want to provide solutions for as many different scenarios that we can. Hourly consulting is really designed for special projects and circumstances. Maybe you’re a small business owner that wants help looking at your books or running some projections or analysis. We can help be your CFO.

The family could use a CFO at times as well. Maybe we need to develop a plan to tackle some debt. Maybe we want to build some college planning projections or planning for a second home or large expense/investment. We are happy to help.

We need at least one meeting to determine the scope and goals of the relationship. We will be happy to meet at no cost so we can understand what your project entails, and we can get you an accurate proposal.

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