Your Wealth: Managed

Firma Financial Planning advisors are CFP® Professionals certified to help you pursue your dreams. That is our mission. That is why we are here.

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Your Wealth: Managed

Firma Financial Planning advisors are CFP® Professionals certified to help you pursue your dreams. That is our mission. That is why we are here.

Why People Work With FFP

Firma Financial PlanningRoboAdvisorTraditional Advisors
Dedicated CFP® Professional
Financial planners not incentivized to sell proprietary products
Fees based on services clients use
Easy access to advisors, including after business hour
360° financial plans
Empowering tech platform to help pursue goals
Simplify financial planning process
Low cost investment portfolios
Customer service with someone you know, not a call center
Ability to work with your financial advisor from anywhere

What We Do Best

With multiple financial advisors and years of experience, we have figured out what we do best so we can help you pursue your financial goals and dreams.


Dedicated Planner

Having someone who knows your plan and you can call to discuss changes, the status, or more. 


Cost-Efficient Pricing

No hidden, extra, or fine print fees. Our cost-efficient pricing is charged regardless of the return on investment.


Fiduciary Guidance

FFP is here to help answer all of your questions and guide you through each step of the process.


Financial Hub

All of your financial documents, status reports, charts, and important information in one place.


Intuitive & Simple Plans

Finances don’t have to be complicated. Our step-by-step process helps break each step into understandable pieces.  


Focused On Your Goals

Our goal is for you to reach your goals. Honestly! We are here for you. We can’t thrive unless you thrive.

Key Questions To Help You Find The Right Financial Planner

What is CFP® and why is it important?

CFP® stands for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and is an advanced designation in the financial planning industry. A CFP® professional is held to a higher fiduciary standard than an advisor without the designation.

What if I only need a little help with financial planning?

Our goal at Firma Financial Planning is to make new clients whenever we can. We understand that at this moment you may not have the ability to use the range of our services. That does not mean you would not benefit from building a plan, and it does not mean that we don’t want to work with you. We are glad to help where we can today to help get you started towards your goals.

How do you charge for your services?

The vast majority of our business is structured on a fee only arrangement between us and our clients. We don’t believe in the transactional sales arrangement that is typical in the industry. With the exception of very niche and specific instances, we don’t sell commissionable products. Generally, our fee is stated as a percentage of the assets we manage. Usually between 1.25% and .5% on an annualized basis, dependent upon the amount of assets we manage. Our focus on passive investing vehicles like ishares and ETF’s go toward improving the cost efficiency of the total portfolio.

How often do we meet and review?

All clients are different in how often they want to review their plan, and those needs may change as they get closer to retirement or other life events. We make a point to have one meeting annually on the calendar. However, we will meet as often as each individual client would like. There is no additional cost to talk, respond to emails, in person meetings, virtual meetings ect. This is your money. We are privileged to be your advisors.

Are you a fiduciary?

Yes, all of us are fiduciary advisors. We take pride in our client centric process and platform.

Am I going to be sold anything?

We don’t believe in transactional sales. We invest in the long term relationship with our clients. Our initiative is to first understand your goals, and help educate you on all of the ways you can solve for them. We want to help make you an educated consumer. This leads to your confidence in the plan long term and ultimately makes you more likely to achieve your goals.

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Financial Planning

What is Financial Planning

Financial planning is the process by which you begin getting your financial house in order. This process should help organize your current situation, future goals, identify strengths and weaknesses and help bring into focus where you are today vs. where you want to be in the future. There are two primary phases of the financial journey. There is the “Accumulation Phase” and the “Distribution Phase” The accumulation phase is the period of time where an individual is growing their assets towards the required asset level necessary  to account for their goals. The distribution phase is the period of time where the nest egg performs the intended task of the goal. Example: Funding a 401k plan is “accumulating”. Using the 401k in retirement for income is “distributing”.

There are many factors involved in optimizing these 2 phases. A successful financial plan should be an organized and executable plan, that has a strong foundation and optimized cash flow. The plan should balance the near term need for cash with long term investment. The plan should be flexible to future changes. A well rounded financial plan not only plans for everything going well, but also for what happens if things don’t go well. There should be protections in place in case of a negative life event.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a very important component of both phases of a financial plan, the accumulation phase and the distribution phase. As you are building your assets, you need to keep balance between the need for near term liquidity and the benefits of long term tax advantage accounts. Developing a tax advantaged distribution plan can help stretch your asset farther and keep more on your balance sheet. Those strategies might include an income distribution plan, Roth Conversion strategies, Required Minimum Distributions Strategies, etc. 

Our goal is to balance all of this while still maintaining your lifestyle. If your tax planning needs drift outside the scope of finance, we have a network of CPAs and Tax Attorneys that we could bring in as a subject matter expert.

Estate Planning Firma Financial

Protection Strategies – Annuities, Life Insurance and Long Term Care

A Financial Plan is not complete without planning for what might negatively affect your plan. Insurance strategies are great for adding protection into a plan, but if overused could really hinder the effectiveness of the plan. It is important to really understand the pro’s and con’s of insurance strategies and its important to use them as a COMPLIMENT to your plan, not AS the plan.

The advisors at Firma Financial Planning are fiduciaries. We are not interested in selling you a product. We want to invest in the relationship between client and professional. About 90% of our firm’s revenue comes from the fee only planning arrangement on our managed money platform. A good Financial Planning professional should be able to apply strategic protection strategies where appropriate to enhance the plan, not as a one size fits all solution.

401k, 403b, Other Qualified Retirement Plan Help

Many people do the majority of their saving in the qualified plan offered by their employer. These plans are excellent and efficient savings vehicles, however they present some obstacles. First, they generally have limited investment options and not much guidance for how to allocate your assets. Second, because the assets must stay in the employer’s plan, most people think they cannot work with a Financial Planning professional.

This may be true for other firms, but Firma Financial Planning is glad to be a resource to you even if you are not yet able to open an account with us. We have software that we give to our clients that enables them to aggregate all of their assets regardless of where it’s held in an online portal. We can build your goals and you can track your progress over time from the comfort of your home computer.

Just because you can’t open an account with us today does not mean we don’t want you to be a client. It also does not mean you don’t deserve a well built financial plan and a relationship with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™

Estate Planning Firma Financial

Estate Planning

An Estate Plan is an essential part of a financial plan at any phase. A good estate plan helps preserve assets in the event of an untimely life event. There are different reasons for an estate plan, maybe it is simply to avoid Probate Court or maybe it is a more complicated divestment strategy. Either way, having a plan that is created and funded goes a long way toward preserving your plan.

At Firma Financial Planning, we have a network of attorneys that are glad to help you account for your Estate Plan. We are also glad to work with any professionals you may already have existing. Our goal is to make sure you are happy and confident with a plan that is properly created and funded.

What Will I Leave This Experience With

Primarily our hope is that you leave the experience feeling like a more knowledgeable consumer. In our experience, simply organizing our financial house and making an actionable plan leaves people less stressed about the present and less anxious about the future. You will also receive something tangible. Here are the 4 tools or reports you will walk away with:

1. Your Roadmap – The Asset Map report is the organized accounting of your current financial situation and your future goals. This is where your plan is built

2. Portfolio Analysis – A Kwanti Portfolio Analysis is a report we build to help you understand your current holdings, as well as compare to any changes we might propose

3. Virtual Portal – You will receive an E-Money profile free of charge. This is where you can aggregate all accounts, 401k’s, bank, credit cards ect. and track your progress whether its debt management, retirement planning, education planning ect.

4. Online account access – If you decide to open an account, you will receive all of the above as well as online account access available online or through an app. This is where you can get updates and see the progress of your accounts managed by Firma FInancial Planning

Our Process Involves
You In Every Step.

Firma Financial Planning doesn’t just keep our clients informed – you are part of the plan! We want you to be a partner in every step from gathering information to putting money back into your pocket. 

After many clients and changes in the market, Firma Financial Planning has found the more involved a client is in their investment plan, the better the plan goes. We want you to be a partner, not a spectator. 


Every plan has a start and every start needs to be organized.


The most important step is educating our clients.


Creating a plan and making tweaks as the market changes.


Put the plan in to action! Action means a step towards your goals!

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