Hire a Certified Financial Planner: Don’t Leave Your Finances at Risk

certified financial planner

What has led you to the decision to hire a certified financial planner? Is your financial life in disarray or are you just starting out and looking for a professional to assist you in making better financial decisions? In either case, Firma Financial Planning has your back. As one of the leading financial planning firms in Michigan, they are well-equipped to handle your current financial portfolio or help you establish your financial goals. However, before hiring any financial planner make sure that they are certified because certification limits your potential risks.

Established Qualifications

Before any financial advisor can claim CFP certification, they must complete specific educational requirements at an approved university or college. These requirements require comprehensive study and satisfactory completion of a financial planning curriculum. Additionally, no applicant for the CFP certification can be accepted without providing proof of knowledge by submitting verified transcripts.

Proven Application

Beyond submitting college transcripts that demonstrate acquired knowledge, applicants for the CFP must prove their applicable knowledge, meaning that they are tested before certification. These tests are designed to depict real-life scenarios and cover everything from tax preparation, estate planning, retirement planning, investment management, insurance and employee benefits. These examinations in addition to pre-existing qualifications mean that a CFP professional is highly trained, skilled and qualified to help you plan your finances.

High Standard of Ethical Responsibility

CFP financial planners are required to uphold the highest standards of ethical responsibility. Also, the CFP certifying body demands all financial planners that hold their certification maintain the principles of professionalism, diligence, fairness, confidentiality, objectivity, competence and integrity, all of which are outlined in the code of ethics for the CFP board.

Rules and Regulations

Before the acceptance of any certified financial planner under the seal of CFP, they must pass a rigorous background check, and anyone with a questionable record will be reviewed by the CFP board and potentially barred from certification. In addition to thorough screenings of applicants, the CFP board releases all disciplinary information to the public. It is this level of transparency and ethical enforcement that allows the CFP certification to stand as a symbol of confidence and competence, which is why you should only hire certified professionals to assist you with your finances.


While the last item on this list, experience is definitely not something to glaze over. CFP professionals must prove several years of experience before certification. This experience is crucial to the certification process, as it demonstrates real-world application of education and acquired knowledge. These years of experience are invaluable, and their requirement for certification means that you can have full confidence in a CFP professional when discussing your current and future financial objectives.

The CFP board is the governing body of certified financial planners. Certification proves knowledge, skill and experience. It also indicates reliability, honesty and integrity. A certified financial planner has gone through the time and expense of certification, even beyond academic achievement, have done so because of the symbolic and professional recognition it garners. The CFP certification is a label that you can trust when it comes to your financial goals.

If you are looking for financial planners in Michigan who you can trust, then look no further than Firma Financial Planning. Specializing in wealth management, financial planning and risk management, Firma Financial is ready to help you plan for your future. Call today for a free consultation at 1-586-588-9264. While keeping track of your own finances may seem like a one person task, it is better left to a professional team with your best interests in mind. Why waste another moment trying to stumble through your finances alone? Hire a group of qualified financial professionals and start making your finances work for you.

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