5 Ways To Protect Your Retirement Income

Retirement is a time to enjoy the fruits of your labors after working hard and saving for decades. The last thing you want to do after retirement is to worry about money. However, many retirees experience unexpected financial anxieties because they find that they have not set aside enough for retirement. A retirement planner at […]

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Do I Have Enough Money to Retire?

It’s never too early to think about retirement planning. Even if you’re relatively young and plan on working for many years, knowing how you’ll finance your retirement offers peace of mind. It also allows you to address any shortfalls now, which is especially important if your savings and assets are lacking. In Macomb, Michigan, Firma […]

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How Do I Retire Early?

Like most people, you have probably dreamed of spending more time on your hobbies or with family and friends, or even just sleeping in late. The freedom that retirement provides is what many folks are working towards. Now imagine instead of waiting until a ripe, old age to relax and attain that freedom, you could […]

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10 Things You Should Do to Prepare for Retirement

Whether you’re like most Americans and planning to retire at the average age of 63, or you’re hoping for an earlier retirement, there are many steps to take in order to retire comfortably. Learn how to live comfortably in your golden years with the help of professional retirement planners. At Firma Financial Planning, we’ve identified […]

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Annuity Investment Mistakes to Avoid

Macomb County, Michigan

Making investment decisions has never been an exact science, nor is the process the same from one individual to the next. There are many variables that need to be factored, both from the standpoint of your individual situation and in the consideration of specific investments. The objective is to match your needs, priorities, preferences and […]

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