Retirement Calculator - Asset Map

Raise your hand if you have ever logged in to your companies 401k or 403b and used their “Retirement Calculator”. Then you went to Google and searched “Retirement Calculator”. Then they spit out some result, with out any context or explanation of how all of the moving parts fit together. So here you are, left with more questions than answers.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most people have gone through this process before reaching out to us. It’s normal. You want answers but don’t want to feel pressured to work with someone just because you talked once. It is for the purposes of accounting for these emotions that we use a process we call: Asset Map.

Not only is this our retirement calculator, this is our asset organizer. It doesn’t matter where you are starting, the first step needs to be getting organized. We need to be able to view your financial outlook from a bird’s eye view so we can facilitate an in depth, meaningful, and fruitful conversation.

This is where we believe Firma Financial Planning really begins to stand out from the rest. We aren’t just going spit out a result and send you on your way. It is at this point in the process where people begin to feel the plan start to take shape and gain understanding. We want you to understand the different components of finance.

  • The Time Value of Money – What affect does rate of return have on my portfolio? How much risk should I be taking on?
  • Net Present Value – How much of my desired retirement income is accounted for with income streams like Social Security or pensions?
  • How do  account for shortfalls?

We want you to feel informed and educated through this process. We believe we can arm you with the information necessary to make decisions. It is through that process that clients begin to feel confident in their direction. All of that is necessary to execute on long term goals and plans.

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