401k, 403b, Other Qualified Retirement Plan Allocation

We understand that in today’s assets are held in a current 401k, 403b, pension plan, or other qualified retirement account. Typically , most advisors will not work with someone unless they have the opportunity to roll over those assets. We work a bit differently. We understand that the planning process needs to begin before that. In fact, we pride ourselves on our willingness to work with you before that time has come. 

We want to invest in the long term relationship with you and your plan, even before we open an account for you. We value the relationships with our clients. It is for this reason that we offer hourly consulting and qualified plan allocation. For many people, their largest cash asset is their 401k/403b. Shouldn’t that be managed in accordance with your overall financial outlook? In a way that matches your goals?

Here is what is included with our hourly consulting agreement:

  • In-person introductory meeting to introduce our firm and discuss your goals and objectives – free of charge with no obligation to proceed.
  • Second in-person meeting to deliver proposal fer services – also free of charge with no obligation to proceed. 
  • Access to our Email Newsletter containing weekly market and economic updates, periodoic relevant financial planning topics, and occasional webinar invites.
  • Agreed up deliverables of the arrangement – allocation, financial plan, other follow up topics etc..

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.